A small but indispensable cog
in the much bigger wheel
of your production


The British Film Industry is a very small world, where your reputation tends to arrive at the film set before you do. So for those of you who already know us, this page is probably not necessary. But for those of you who we haven’t had the please of working with yet, here is a little bit about what we have done over the years.


Film Industry Jargon – “Above The Line”.
The invisible line on the budget that determines whether you turn left or right when you walk into the aeroplane; get a chauffeured limo to the set or take the crew-mini-bus; a personal chef cooking you lunch in your trailer or queuing up at the caterer’s van. Are you ABOVE or BELOW that invisible line? It makes a big difference.

When we chose the name Above The Line for our company, it represented to us the first-class service we want to provide for you and your production.

For every job we do, it’s all about providing that “A-List” treatment.


Daniel O’Toole

Daniel takes on the business operations role in Above The Line. A role he has been familiar with for over twenty years. The family name of O’Toole is well known and respected within the British film industry with Daniel’s late father, Stanley O’Toole, film producer and corporate head, establishing the family dynasty which has been carried on by Daniel and his brothers. With his history in production and financing and solid business knowledge, Daniel is the perfect fit to make sure that both contractual and legislative requirements are met and the day to day running of the Company is a seamless operation. Daniel’s attention to detail and insider knowledge of the film industry make sure that Above The Line is the professional company you can rely on to help your production be as trouble-free as possible.

Christian De-Vos

Christian has been a familiar face on film & television sets for nearly two decades. A sought after team member by numerous production companies, he has worked on and taken Lead Man Security roles on multi-million dollar productions such as King Arthur, London Has Fallen, Pan, Kingsman: The Secret Service, World War Z, Mortdecai, Casino Royale, Sherlock Holmes II and Downton Abbey. Christian is the person to rely on for your production needs, guaranteed to be the steadying hand in any crisis.